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B.S.A . Troop 20 Hurley, NY

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Here are the names of some of the leaders and scouts.

Our members:

Matthew S.

Mitchel R.

Brian R.

Alex K.

Daniel D.

Alex S.

Jared J.

Samuel C.

Robert B.

James L.

Bradley H.

Charles E.

Michel B.

Owen K.

Kevin R.

Jacob S.

Josh B.

Sky W.

John H.

Daniel S.

Tanner S.

Joseph S.

Kevin R.

Kenneth G.

Brian R.

Here are the leaders for our troop.

SPL-Charles E.
ASPLs-Bradley H. Alex S. 
Scout Master-David E.
Assistant SM-Jeff R., David K., Bill H., Greg R., Phil S.
PLs-Jared J. Matt S. Sam C. Alex K 
APLs-Daniel D. Sky W Tanner S. Robert B.
Webmaster-Brayden H.
Scribe-John H.
Instructor-Daniel S.
Quarter Master-Michael B.
Historian-Mitchell R.
Troop Guide-Joe S.
Game Coordinator-Kevin R.
OA Rep.-Brian R.
Council Rep.-Bud W.
Charter Rep.-Mr. B.
Treasurer-Cheryl W.
Eagle-Jeff R.
Advancement-Alyson R.
Chairperson-Dennis H.

Troop Committee-
Debra B.
Frank B.
Jim K.
Kari S.
Patty C.
Cheryl W.
Lyne C.

Troop 20 , Hurley, New York